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Computer Networks

What do all businesses need from their network infrastructure? Simple. It needs to work and it needs to work well.

Telstar offers real time server monitoring and data back-up.

Network Analysis and assessment of your organization's current local (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). There are several motivations behind the network analysis.

  • Provide information necessary to actively identify items that may affect the network availability of the existing network infrastructure in the near term.
  • Provide needed information to provide design and hardware recommendations to enhance the availability and resiliency of the network, keeping in view the future growth and business requirements of your organization.
  • Provide a baseline of network performance and environment so that success can be measured and demonstrated.


Network Solutions employs four key assessments in the initial discovery to gain the information necessary to design and implement your optimized network infrastructure:

Physical Layer - The current state of your environmental conditions are measured including air flow, power, battery backup and ground/surge suppression.

Network Layer - All elements of your network will be inventoried, reviewed and documented. Configurations and IOS versions of Cisco equipment will be reviewed for consistency and current recommendations. Network analysis of traffic, efficiency, link utilization and health will be performed by network protocol and performance analyzers.

Application Layer - Performance of network/request/response levels for key applications will be measured by network protocol analyzer trending tools to establish a trending baseline.

Security Layer - Protect the network from unauthorized exploits with Security Posture Assessment (SPA), a comprehensive review of policies, technologies and device configurations currently employed by your organization.
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