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Konica Minolta



Boasting speedy output at 65ppm (B/W) and 50ppm (color), the bizhub C652/C652DS excels in offices with high-volume output and finishing needs, while high-speed scanning and a wealth of finishing options give your business the edge.


Delivering high-speed, high-quality output for large offices, the bizhub C552 offers 55ppm (B/W) and 45ppm (color) print and scan capabilities with advanced finishing.

Delivering high-speed, high-quality output for large and mid-sized offices, the bizhub C452 offers 45ppm (B/W) and 45ppm (color) print and scan capabilities with NEW compact finisher.

Ideal for mid- to large-sized offices, the compact and highly functional new bizhub C360 achieves 36ppm output. Moreover, its energy-efficient environmental performance cuts electrical consumption by more than 50%, surpassing Energy Star standards. Compatible with three kinds of finishers.

With its energy-efficiency, expandability and 28ppm output, the compact and highly functional bizhub C280 is perfectly suited to mid-sized offices. Compatible with three kinds of finishers, including the first inner finisher in the bizhub series.

Thanks to its energy-efficient, space-saving design and 22ppm output, the compact bizhub C220 is highly suitable for SOHO use. Creates significantly quieter performance with dramatically reduced fan and operating noise. The multi-functional bizhub C200 ensures that the use of convincing color documents and presentations isn't only for large companies. This compact, easy-to-use machine boasts excellent color image quality and reaches copy and print speeds of 20 pages per minute in both black & white and color.

Introducing the bizhub C35, an A4 color MFP with performance and productivity brings enhanced business efficiency to offices. It is suitable in size and function as a main machine for franchises and satellite offices. In addition, for office networks that require a black & white MFP and a color printer, or a color printer and a fax, the bizhub C35 is an all in one, helping to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Konica Minolta bizhub C25 compact color MFP allows you to optimize the placement of office input and output devices through integration with A3 MFPs with easy placement in hard-to-install spaces with a space-saving compact body, enhances business productivity with high image quality and high-speed outputs.

The bizhub C20 offers all the capabilities of a color multi-functional in A4. It's the excellent compact alternative for locations that require full versatility but don't have a lot of room to spare. Combining b/w and color printing, copying, scanning and faxing in a single system, the bizhub C20 impresses with its comprehensive functionality. With both automatic duplexing and an automatic duplex document feeder standard, it is generously equipped and competent to handle the entire varied every-day office tasks.

In the small or home office, anything goes with the bizhub C10 color all-in-one. Wherever advanced office communication is required, the bizhub C10 excels with quality, economy and reliability. Efficiently delivers 5ppm/20ppm (color/B&W), offers productive printing at 5ppm/20ppm (color/B&W), and scans up to 5 color and 13 B&W originals per minute.
Black & White

Introducing the bizhub 751 and bizhub 601, 75ppm and 60ppm (A4) black and white MFPs designed as central MFPs in mid-to-large-size offices. Offering a combination of fast output, robust security and flexible networking, these powerful machines and their advanced features will benefit offices in any line of business. Furthermore, the 360-degree design philosophy lets users place them anywhere that is convenient without sacrificing productivity or aesthetics.


Introducing the bizhub 501, allowing information to be stored, accessed, distributed or routed to any destination, whether across your office or around the world. In addition to delivering high quality 50 ppm B&W output, it offers reliable scan, copy and fax functions, with flexible, open-ended networking distribution capabilities and advanced security features.

The bizhub 423 series offers many of the same features as color MFPs, while keeping running costs manageable. As the monochrome MFP designed to reduce TCO, the bizhub 423/363/283/223 series delivers the kind of high-level document performance. The bizhub 423 series is equipped with a host of advanced fax features to keep information flowing and keep costs low. Productivity meets resource conservation in the bizhub 423 series. All of the bizhub 423 series’ exceptional functionality doesn’t mean a thing without powerful security measures.

The compact, all-in-one bizhub 222. Equip your office with an easy-to-use, A3 digital MFP that's loaded with all the functions you need, like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. Empower yourself with higher productivity and superior performance. The bizhub 222 increases work efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership, especially in communication costs, and fits perfectly into SOHO, mid-size offices, or wherever space is a consideration.
The compact, all-in-one bizhub 163 equip your office with an easy-to-use, A3 digital MFP that's loaded that has all the functions you need, like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. The bizhub 163 increases work efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership, especially in communication costs, and fits perfectly into SOHO, mid-size offices, or wherever space is a consideration. The bizhub 160 / 161 series is among 4 types of models to meet your individual needs. The 160 with GDI controller, the 161 with PCL controller, and the 160f and 161f, both with fax. All four are advanced and durable desktop office units for consummate usability and superb functionality, as well as advanced networking solutions.

With its compact footprint (570 x 531mm) and output of 16-18 ppm with paper tray that sits within the main unit, the bizhub 184/164 is perfect for desktops and other locations where space is limited.
Production Print Systems

The bizhub PRO C6501 is the solution for commercial print businesses to handle short-run, on-demand jobs. It excels in transactional environments that require high speeds for quick job turnaround, large paper and output capacities for automated long-run operation, the ability to run diverse substrates, thorough finishing capabilities.


The bizhub PRO C5501 is your ally in the light production market with high-quality color output rivaling the quality of offset presses, blazing speed of 65 ppm, unwavering reliability and numerous finishing options.

The latest addition to the black and white line is the bizhub PRO 1200 which gives you the edge in the mid- to heavy-production print business with an incredible 120 ppm, providing exceptional print quality, unparalleled durability and 14,000 paper sheet capacities.
On the bizhub PRO 1051, the print speed is 105 pages per minute, facilitating a writing resolution of 1200dpi and offering a processing speed that is four to eight times faster than its predecessor. Also, the monthly duty cycle is 30% higher than the previous model.
The bizhub PRO 1050e delivers high-quality 105ppm output with a full array of finishing capabilities, making it perfect for a wide range of light production needs.

For unsurpassed performance in B/W production, turn to the bizhub PRO 950. Output at 95ppm lets you get the job done quickly for faster turnaround at a 6,650-sheet paper capacity.

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