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NEC Productions

"We integrate multiple capabilities in order to provide efficient document processing and management functions. These solutions support the efforts of companies to achieve cost efficiency, facilitate business processes and support business communications.” - NEC America's Document Solutions

Provides 35-cpm color speed for producing high-quality brochures, presentations, reports and resource documents that make all your communications more effective, first-copy output of less than 5.9 seconds and high-output print productivity, print in color or black and white.

82 page per minute copy speed with 2.9 second first copy out, two 1,500 sheet paper decks plus, 525 sheet draws, 100 sheet multi-purpose bypass tray, providing a standard paper capacity of 4,150 sheets.
Standard printing and full featured scanning, duplex printing, 200 sheet bypass tray, 500 Sheet universal paper cassettes. At less than one second per page, the available 100 sheet dual scan document feeder greatly improves productivity and scans in black and white as well as full color.
NEC 2840D
This multifunction product supports high-volume black and white printing and low cost operation through its complete process management, standard features that include printing, faxing, scanning, and its finishing features.
It prints, faxes, scans and copies and includes an easy to use three-way tilting control panel and include account management, a capacity of up to 1000 user accounts, and network-integrated authentication management.
With its fast 62 page per minute black and white laser engine, standard duplex output, interactive touch panel and its full range of available networking functions, the NEC IT6200 is designed to meet the needs of your business.
With 28 cpm color output and network integration allows everyone in your office to connect to the IT28C6 and print high quality color and B&W documents.
At a 36 cpm color output, the large tilting color touch panel with bright LED colors, makes ease of use and security and management are all integrated for your business.
This built in print/scan system includes two 500 sheet universal cassettes, a 1,500 sheet cassette, a 1,000 sheet cassette and a 150 sheet bypass tray.
Its large 10.2” color touch-screen control panel, print clean, crisp black & white documents at 45-ppm, with outstanding clarity and easy viewing that make programming quick and easy.
Print crisp, clean black & white documents at 55-ppm, two optional finishers for a customized system that can easily handle large print jobs saving time and money.
With a fast 65-ppm and dual scan document feeder scans in both color and black & white at speeds up to 160 images per minute.
With an impressive 80-ppm, the NEC IT8000 combines strength, reliability, and outstanding features that are designed for all your high volume business needs.
The My Office C350 features a 4.3” color touch-screen control panel with outstanding clarity that tilts for easy viewing, and large icons that easily allow you select functions.
This multi-function device integrates with your existing systems to raise efficiency through access to network email, internet fax, IP-transmission, etc.
Provides full-color laser printing, scanning, copying, fax and scanning capabilities.
Powerful 80 page-per-minute laser engine, standard duplex output, interactive touch panel, and its full range of available networking functions.
Digital copier, with multi-function options, designed to meet the copying and multi-function needs of your business.
With 45-cpm digital single-pass technology in full color or B&W, this machine fully colorizes your business’s copying, printing, and scanning.
This fully featured 25-ppm digital copier provides advanced functions and enhanced network printing.
With this adapter, you can send image data of scanned documents between MFPs* equipped with the SIP-FAX Adaptor via the Intra­net.
The 35-ppm IT3530D is a copier, fax, enhanced network printer, file scanner and e-mail center all in one complete document processing package.
With 25 copies per minute and digital, single-pass technology in full color or black and white, this fully provides copying, printing, and scanning needs.
With a fast, first copy time and the ability to produce 50 copies-per-minute, the NEC IT5050 fits in a demanding workplace.
With 25-cpm digital single-pass technology for both full color and monochrome items, this is designed for any workspace.
Starting with the 18-page per minute print speed, standard 50 page duplex scanning and available 1750 sheets of paper.
Digital fax/printer/scanner/network fax/IP/email/internet, Fast 70-page Automatic
High-resolution output, high quality copies, great image scanning and high-resolution communications, the NEFAX 671 is a productive choice for your business.
16-PPM print speed, a fast scan speed of up to 2.5 seconds per page and a high-speed fax communication, quick memory transmission provides simultaneous scanning and sending of documents.
6-PPM laser printing, a 30-page automatic document feeder, 400-sheet paper capacity and standard PCL printing.
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